Arrival in Dubai

Dateline Sunday 16 March – evening 

Well here I am in sunny Dubai – the first of many blog posts from Luke’s Arabian adventures. Still not sure how to publish these; Facebook is blocked at work, I don’t have Internet at my apartment, so I need to write offline. So I apologise in advance if postings are infrequent.

The flight over was long and boring. The movies were so-so, the food OK, the service respectable. Arrived at the airport on time – it’s an amazing airport – arrived at 5.30 am to see a seething mass of people milling around the shops in departures. The arrivals section was mercifully free of people and I proceeded through without a hitch. After getting into the apartment and unpacking, I caught a few winks as I did not sleep well on the plane. This turned out to be an excellent decision as although my Dubai colleagues had the idea to leave me rest for the first day and catch up on the second, I caught up with David on the beach watching the sunset on the Friday evening. Drinks, dinner with drinks, and then more drinks followed. Got back to the apartment at 2 am local time or 9 am Melbourne time – which made it seem like an all nighter. On Saturday afternoon, we visited the Barista Bar at another one of the major hotels en route to the Dubai Boat Show which we never got to – the beer, sun and bikinis got in the way! Very tired that night from all the rubbernecking. There is no shortage of places to get a drink near any of the major hotels and there are plenty of them.

My apartment is about 10 minutes walk from the beach and major hotels. On the weekend the beach is full of expats getting some rays and swimming. I’ve described the places to others thus far as Surfers Paradise meets Club Med. Except there is obscenely more money than little ol Surfers. I am at the Dubai Marina which is in the middle of a construction zone – as is the rest of Dubai. I am about 15 km out of Dubai city near to where they are building on of the palm islands. There are many 30 to 40 storey buildings around mine with closer to the beach are the Jumeirah Beach Residence – or Gotham City – a series of sandstone coloured 30 storey apartment buildings. My apartment does not have a plasma screen – so Lyn, forget about buying one then!! I have two double beds in the apartment so there is plenty of room for visitors. There is no dishwasher and I have three days of dishes that still have not been washed – I really need some visitors to come and help clean up!

Skype and MSN Messenger are available and it was great to be online with Hannah my daughter today. I’ll get the headset working tomorrow which will allow calls over the Net so I won’t seem so far away. Sunday today and it was my first day of work. Looks really interesting and will be both challenging and fun – more on that at a later time. There are some dishes to be done.

View from apartment looking towards Dubai city   view-from-apartment-looking-towards-beach.jpg


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