Finish of Second Day at Work

Dateline Monday 17 March – evening

I thought I would try and use Worldisround for the postings of my Arabian adventures but I’ve decided to change my mind and go back to the trustee WordPress blog.  It’s what I am comfortable with on the knowledgefutures blog (Reference) and what I will be doing a fair bit at work over here as well.  So blogging here we come.  I hope that the photos come through fairly well – I might need to update to a premium hosting package to be able to get the photos to come through OK.

As with most trips, there are always somethings that you forget.  For me this time, it is not getting the right electrical adaptor – I brought the one with the round plugs rather than the UK style.  Also, a vegetable steamer would be really good.  I’ve cooked in the past three nights but not been all that hungry as my guts are taking a bit of getting used to the change in diet.  Nothing too bad.  Some sunscreen but that can be bought here and I brought over two tubs of shampoo rather than one each of shampoo and conditioner.  So my hair will be very clean!

I picked my car up yesterday at work and have survived three driving trips so far.  Always takes a bit of getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road – or is it the right side?  It’s a Toyota Yaris which seems OK – kindly referred to as the Hummer speedbump.  Driving skills here of the general population are apparently not that great so the idea is to either have a car that is very fast or one that is very big and people will get out of the way – preferably both.  The Yaris is neither – it’s small and not very fast – and I plan for it not to end up being fodder for all the crazy drivers out there.  Hanging around the Hilton and the Sheraton where the apartment is I see a couple of red Ferraris touring the streets – which look pretty good when the driver puts his foot down.

The pictures I loaded yesterday show the main road down from my apartment.  Road noise is bearable – it’s a constant hum but I don’t tend to hear beeping or loud trucks.  The lounge room has the balcony and the door out to it lets in a bit of noise.  The bedroom is double glazed and I can’t hear much at all from in there.  And being 33 storeys up I am far enough away from the noise.

Weather so far has been very kind.  About 29 each day – OK to sit outside at lunchtime and the breeze is fairly cool.  Yet to go for a dip in the sea as yet – definitely this weekend.  Funny how I have left Melbourne in a heatwave to come to the desert where it is quite warm but certainly not that hot.  There could be a public holiday on Thursday but not sure as yet – apparently we don’t get to find out till the day before.  So makes my first week back possibly a short one! 


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