Flamingos at last

Today is birding day.  The Dubai books say that there is a good wetland reserve at the top of Dubai Creek which has flamingos and other waterbirds.  So David and I took off in the morning to try our luck.  Driving in Dubai is not easy.  If it’s not traffic jams or construction zones or crazy drivers, it’s a multitude of flyovers.  That means getting from point A to B is never in a straight line.  So it took us about an hour to get somewhere that should take about 30 minutes.  And where we arrived, there was a sign which said that it’s closed and that this hide is under maintenance.  But we could see some flamingos in the distance – majestic creatures that they are.  Not willing to lose our work visas for trespassing, we decided to try another avenue into the park which was unsuccessful.  We ended up driving right around the top of the creek (about 15 km) to go a 1 km journey to make sure that we were on the correct side of the road to see the other hide and found it only to see that it was closed on Fridays!  But the birds there were magnificent – lots of flamingos, waders, herons and terns.  After a good look, we retraced our steps to find about 500 yards up the road, a beautiful spot beside the freeway teeming with birds.  We stopped and feasted in the sun with the flamingos, herons, ducks, waders, bee-eaters and swifts. 

The white spots behind me are the flamingos with the main city of Dubai in the distance behind. 


After, we returned back to the Oasis Hotel for a leisurely lunch followed by a walk along the beach and cocktails at the Hilton watching the sunset. 

Today, the sky turned blue and it was beautiful.  The wind has got up out of the west and blown a lot of the grey haze away.  It’s now quite clear (distance around 20 km rather than the usual 6 or7).  Evening was spent watching a DVD kindly lent to me by David.

Tomorrow off to do some more adventuring, this time on my own and further away.  I think off to the East Coast of the Emirates. 

Sunset cocktails at the hilton


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