The Prophet’s Birthday

It was the prophet Mohammed’s birthday today so a public holiday – OK for me as that meant I had a four day week to ease myself into working here in Dubai.

Had pizzas and beer at David’s last night which was extremely pleasant.  The pizzas only took about an hour and a half to arrive but they were hot when they finally made it. 

Today I decided to go and check out the Mall of the Emirates – apparently the biggest shopping mall outside of North America.  I went on a quest – as all shopping trips should have quests rather than just to browse.  I wanted to obtain a field guide to the local birds of the Arabian peninsula but after checking three bookstores including Borders, I lucked out.  Looks like a trip to Amazon is required.  I checked out Ski Dubai and it looks as crazy as on the TV shows – kids playing in the snow in a supermarket in the middle of the desert – only in Dubai!  Will have to head on in there another time. 

Ski Dubai

Bought some goodies at Carrefours – another huge megamart – and then back to work where I plugged into Messenger and had a great chat with the family for about an hour after catching up with Nerida on Skype beforehand. 

I was going to go out for a longer drive today but did not get around to it.  So I headed back to the apartment via a scenic tour from work – basically headed due south into the desert but caught up with some major roads.  I am yet to see dunes – it was just more construction zones out there today.  Perhaps tomorrow I will venture further.

And also, had my first dip in the sea today.  The water was deliciously cool, there were a few small waves (nothing to surf but just enough to not make it seem like a bath), the sand under foot was nice and coarse and the water was clear and inviting.  A most pleasant swim – the water was not too salty. 

And tonight, the TV decided to switch itself off.  Obviously, the cable TV was not part of the package here at my La Riviera apartment so I have no TV to watch for the rest of the weekend.  At least, now I will be able to get a different TV package than the 150 channels that I had, 120 of them were in Arabic which is pretty useless for me. So I have no TV and no broadband.  Looks like the weekend will be spent out of the apartment!


One Response to “The Prophet’s Birthday”

  1. Nerida Hart Says:


    I would say out the apartment was a good thing. No TV sounds like heaven to me – but no broadband sounds like hell (no I’m not addicted to my laptop)

    Great to chat the other night



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