Easter Sunday at Work – and “The Eye”

It’s Easter Sunday and no chocolate for me.  The Easter Bunny must have got lost on the way.  Besides, I think that the chocolate would melt on his trip but then again, when a whole aisle at Geant is devoted to chocolates of countless varieties, I think there is still a healthy market for them here in Dubai.

So Easter Sunday and off to work – sounds crazy but true.  A busy day redesigning the wiki into a project plan. 

Tonight I went off to the Ibn Battuta mall again for dinner (I will cook again some day) and a movie.  I saw “The Eye” with Jessica Alba – well I wouldn’t have minded seeing the film with Jessica on my arm but she was on the screen instead.  Sort of a thriller Ghost Whisperer type of movie.  Kept my attention all the way through which was good (Jessica did, the plot was off the planet only a couple of times – not bad for a US flick).  But typical Hero’s story plot that is too-often repeated in US culture.  But not a bad way to spend a night.  Had to laugh though as I could choose my seat allocation – even though there were only about 20 people in a 200 seat theatre.  So I got the one that opened on to the aisle so I could stretch the long legs (typical Luke seat, Lyn, I know). 

Biggest news is that David found a copy of the field guide to Arabian birds at Spinneys – a local supermarket type store.  Will go there myself and see if I can source a copy. 

So no photos today – here are a couple then of previous days to keep you amused. Just a couple of shots of the animals that you can see on the beach at the Hilton down from my apartment – lots of sights to behold!

Camels at the HiltonBeach at JBR


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