Dinner at the Madinat with David Gurteen

On Tuesday night, David Rymer and I caught up with David Gurteen, a KM luminary from the UK. We decided to meet up at the Madinat Jumeirah (link) which I had heard looked really nice – a couple of very high class hotels with a large shopping district set in pretty gardens with Venice-like canals. 

I arrived at Al Qasr hotel to meet up with David G and his first words were “This is like Disneyland”.  And I just have to agree.  Al Qasr is where we met and the taxi going up the entrance went past huge sculptures of Arabian stallions while inside, it was ornate, grandiose and exquisite.  David and I walked around, took in the sights and took some pickies.


Had a great conversation over dinner with David Gurteen after David Rymer joined us from his conference in Abu Dhabi.  I was amazed to find it difficult to get a table even on a Tuesday night.  Our conversation turned to where in the world you would find the most beautiful women and I think we agreed to disagree!!  A very pleasant conversation over a lovely bottle of Argentinian Malbec.


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