Out with the Aussies

The past two nights I have spent out conversing with Australians.  Tuesday night was an ANZA function at the Novotel – Australian and New Zealand and not sure what the final A stands for but a group for people from the antipodes.  About 20 expats there sharing a few drinks and finger food.  Good to hear a group of people with a straight Aussie accent without poms and yanks (the bulk of English speaking radio is from the mother country).  Last night out to the sister of a family who are clients of Lyn’s at Kiva.  They have a lovely villa down in Jumeirah 1 which was about 50 minutes drive away because of the traffic but only 20 minutes to drive home again.

Off tomorrow down to Al Ain to have a good look around at the oasis about 90 minutes drive south-east on the Omani border.  Won’t be driving over as it will cost about $200 to get extra insurance to drive into Oman – OK if I am going for a week maybe but not worth it for the day.  And with the way the locals drive, I would not want to risk it!


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