Dubai Pivot Fields

This morning I headed off towards the Dubai Pivot Fields – apparently one of the better spots for birdwatching around Dubai.  The pivot fields comprise two large semi-circles (about 800 metres across) of grass which is watered by sprinklers in a circular pattern.  Saw quite a few good birds there with the highlight some White-tailed Plovers and a Red-tailed Wheatear.  Beforehand, I had a look a nearby lake which had a few herons and not much else except for a few weaver type birds which are not in the field guide.


Met an Italian bloke at Ras Al Khor bird hide on the way back who had come out in a cab to photograph the birds from the hide. Unfortunately, it was low tide and so there were no birds close at home.  Gave him a lift back to the Madinat Jumeirah so that he could have a look around.  His first comment when I drove up was “this is like Disneyland!” – just like David Gurteen a couple of weeks before.

Went for a swim this afternoon at the beach while the clothes were being washed.  Lots of people down there – some nice bodies and some not so nice!!   

Will do a couple more posts in the week of some of the more quirky aspects of Dubai – rather than the boring monologue of birding from the past few posts!


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