What a load of sh$*

I mentioned yesterday about going to wastewater treatment works at Al Ain.  I’ve been wondering what happens in Dubai to the jobbies that people do-do. 

Well on Saturday at the Pivot Fields I noticed this long line of wastewater trucks waiting in a queue to discharge their stuff at the one and only wastewater treatment works in Dubai. There were literally hundreds of them lined up coming from different directions.


3000 trucks per day line up to discharge 22 million gallons of stuff.  In this report, it states that the system is operating 70% above capacity and that there has been a lack of forward planning in building additional treatment plants.  The demand for wastewater treatment is growing faster than expected and it takes time for these plants to come online.  In the meantime, there are some rogue operators who are dumping their loads into stormwater drains which is causing a bit of a stink. 

We have a situation at our work where there is a bit of an overflow on some days of our system when the truck hasn’t arrived in time.  Shame about the poor people who have parked in the car park and have to walk through the water to get to their cars.  It doesn’t smell too bad really!!  And today there was a lovely Common Sandpiper in our car park feeding at the pond in the lowest point of the car park.  Just goes to show that you can always find beauty in the most unlikely situations. 


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