Cycling in Dubai

One of the joys in life is to hop on the treadly and feel the wind in your face as you crank out the miles.  Here in Dubai, you never see anyone riding a bike in the city apart from the very odd South Asian (Indian / Bangladesh) workers on some back streets.  In the country it is a different story with a few more very old bikes going very slowly.  But there are no bike paths for cyclists here and the cars would not give way to them – cyclists would tend to only do one-way trips (if they make it that far!)

I mentioned on the trip last weekend to Al Ain that there were Japanese crazies riding up Jebel Hafeet.  There are also many rides for mountain bikers in the eastern mountains that I am sure David would find interesting!  But I was amazed to see early on Friday morning (day off) a large contingent of cyclists out for a morning ride.  Not quite like a Hell Ride but certainly trying to get safety in numbers and enjoying the morning cool.  I’m not sure how far they were going but I hope that no stragglers got behind the car with its hazard lights bringing up the rear.

Of interest in the photo, note the camel with the rider in the sign pointing to the camel racecourse.  And also note the semblance of clouds in the top right corner.



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