A relatively quiet Friday

The last couple of Fridays I have hightailed it out of town to explore the sights.  Seeing as last night was a late one and that we are going to Barracuda tomorrow, thought that today I would just go local. 

Drove down past the Burj Dubai which makes the Eureka Towers look puny.  The Burj is currently 630 metres high and I hear that it has a sway up the top of around 2 metres. 


So headed off to Dubai Pivot Fields again this morning for a walk around (some nice Bank Mynahs, Silverbills and Yellow Wagtails around this time).  Afterwards, headed past the same long line of trucks to a marsh on the other side of the road.  Nothing there in the birds line except I got a bit too close to the waterline and managed to sink down to almost my knees.  Oops.  That ended the morning’s adventures.
Came back to clean up, catch up with the fam and go for a swim in the rooftop pool (which is now as warmas a bath – yuck).  Late afternoon headed off to Al Safa Park which is a bit like Central Park.  Great to see lots of people out playing soccer and a few playing cricket.  Pied Mynah and Alexandrine Parakeet were good observations for the funny dude with the binoculars. 


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