More dinners with the Aussies

Out again on Thursday evening with the Aussies.  Dinner was at 8 pm so we hightailed it to the Barasti Bar for a couple of quiet ones beforehand.  Around here, it seems the Barasti is the place to be.  When we arrived around 7.10 pm, the place was already quite packed.  We had dinner up at the Italian restaurant upstairs outside the new yet-to-open Westin Hotel (we tried to get in there another time but could not get a table).  Dinner was very pleasant, the company excellent, the weather comfortable and the outlook superb.  There’s a lovely photo coming from someone else I hope with me between a couple of fair maidens (to be posted later)

After dinner, got the golf cart to drop us back at the Barasti which by now was very packed.  Managed to catch up with one of the girls from work so stayed on having a chat and then walked home because the taxis were few and far between.  The queue to get in was quite long when I left at about 12.30 am.  Only about 20 minutes walk but the first five minutes was the hairiest getting out with the roadworks and the traffic. 


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