Northern Emirates Cruise with the Rymers

Yesterday, we headed north east to see some sights with David driving in his Cruise-mobile, me navigating and Jaymi in the back watching DVDs. The weather was incredibly humid with the smog/haze very thick and not clearing really all day. Visibility was low which meant that we could not see much of the hills that we were driving towards.

First stop (after I delayed us with a detour into Dubai City that we were not meant to take, oops) was Al Jazeerah Khor up near RAK. Some lovely Spoonbills, Terek Sandpipers and Grey Plovers in breeding plumage as well. Some wild camels came down but took one look at us and turned in the other direction. And my first reptile – some sort of lizard that saw us and dived into the sand to escape – not a hole in the sand but it just buried itself. The sand here is incredibly loose – just imagine walking on a steep coastal dune then add a lot of iron oxide to redden it.

After that, we continued north through RAK (another detour – my navigational skills taking a severe beating) and up Wadi Bih to the Oman border. Quite amazing through here with erosion clearly showing the compacted aggregate of rocks and smaller stones (and hardly any soil) that makes up the flood plains through the wadi. This picture shows a wall of the aggregate about 4 metres high (2xLuke) – it looks like a stone wall that someone has made but it isn’t.

We then headed up the coast to the Oman border and noted that the further away from Dubai you get, the more basic the physical infrastructure. Unfortunately, with the heavy haze, we couldn’t see the amazing hills behind the coast – another trip required!


Came back to have lunch at the Barracuda resort and to pick up some supplies. Visited Umm Al Qaiwain which was a lovely little fishing harbour with a bit of history with an old wall that used to guard the old city. David says that he read a guide book which said that there is nothing to see here apart from a quaint old fishing village – which is enough in its own right!



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