First Trip to Abu Dhabi

Last night was a work social function at the Radisson which ended up being a fairly late night with Peter and Shaheen talking about risk.  Dinner was the beer nuts (and the beer of course).  So today I woke a little later (no Anzac Day dawn service for me) and decided to head off on my now traditional Friday drive to explore the UAE.  Today I went the one direction that I had not yet taken – west towards Abu Dhabi.

First stop was the Jebel Ali resort and golf course but unfortunately access was denied unless I had a tee off time or going to a function.  So I walked around outside in the neighbouring dunes to see what was around and flushed a nice group of 10 Chestnut-bellied Sand-Grouse – a really unusual type of bird that I had not come across before.  Getting pretty warm by 10 am so headed down to the Jebel Ali public beach which was full of people playing with their jet skis (enough said).

25042008-jebel-ali-public-beach-1 25042008-jebel-ali-public-beach-2

Headed west a bit further and came through to Ghantoot and the Al Jazira Resort (there are so many things Al Jazira here including three cable TV channels).  A nice Whinchat at Ghantoot and Isabelline Shrike at the resort.  The resort was stuck out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by water but not my idea of a place for a holiday.

25042008-from-al-jazira-resort  25042008-at-120kmhThat’s me driving at 120km/h

It was about midday so decided to head off to Abu Dhabi.  Abu Dhabi is about 120 km from Dubai and is on an island – bit like Manhattan.  Spotted some waders down the east coast mangroves (a beautiful Grey Plover in full breeding plumage) before heading to one of the malls for a loo stop and some lunch.  Headed over to the far side on the breakwater to check out the heritage village which displays in a series of shops and markets, what people did in the olden days (bit like Sovereign Hill on a smaller scale).  Managed to control myself and buy nothing at the market!!  Some nice views looking back towards Abu Dhabi. 

25042008-abu-dhabi-1 25042008-abu-dhabi-from-breakwater 25042008-heritage-village-market 25042008-heritage-village-silk-loom


Last loo stop at the Marina Mall (yet another grandiose mall) before ducking into the Mashrif Palace gardens (nothing new here tonight) before driving home up the “road of death”…



One Response to “First Trip to Abu Dhabi”

  1. OMAN Says:

    luke have a drive down the coast to Oman

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