A quick catch-up on news

Just a few news stories from the last couple of days:

Yesterday morning I headed off to Al Safa Park to have a look around while there were no people.  Very pleasant walking around but not too many birds although I did get to spend a good 3/4 an hour trying to identify some Pipits.  Tree Pipits – and there are about 6 different species which look very similar.

Drove off to Ras Al Khor wetland sanctuary where the flamingos were in their usual corner miles away from the hides, but there were two lovely majestic introduced Grey-crowned Cranes that had flown in from a nearby palace for a second breakfast.

Went back via Mall of the Emirates for some shopping and to buy some little things to take home for the kids.  Not much as I want them to spend some time here shopping for themselves.

Home for some work, catching up with people on Skype (love that software), and some swims (in ocean and also the pool which is now a delightful cool temperature).

This morning I went for a run along the beach – really pleasant but felt a bit warm by the time I got back even though it was only 7.15 in the morning.  Took a couple of hours to really cool down but at least it got my metabolism up for a while.  And it was quite glary out on the balcony looking into the sun – I was actually coming off my jogger’s high …

And disaster struck today.  My beloved sunglasses of the past 5 years (I think I spent 10 dollars on them) decided to snap today.  I did not even sit on them – just putting them on my head at lunch time and they gave up the ghost.  R.I P.

And the movie that has come on the TV is Deja Vu – it looks familiar for some strange reason…


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