Traffic Cameras in the UAE

My father, the observant one, noticed a traffic camera in a recent photo that I displayed from my trip to Abu Dhabi.  Shame that no-one from the Department of Justice noticed it first!!  Can you spot the red light camera?  Click on the photo to make it bigger.


There are many speed cameras around the place and just the odd red light camera.  Speed cameras are on many of the freeways but it is a bit hard to hide them when there is not much vegetation around.  They tend to be located on the far left (fastest) lane to catch the cars that speed along (and do they speed!!).  Maximum is 120 km/hr which is just fine for Yuri the Yaris.  Cars here are fitted with a beeper and warning light that warns you when you start to go over this speed (although it stops after a few seconds which sort of defeats the purpose).  Many cars miss the speed cameras by speeding in the far right lanes and weave in and out of the slower moving cars and trucks.  It seems at times that the country has been brought up on people playing PS2 games but if you learn to drift like everyone else and keep a heightened state of awareness and keep out of the fast lane, it’s generally easy driving around the place. 

Being a pedestrian and crossing the road is another matter entirely – look left, right, left, right, straight ahead, backwards, up, down then left and right to be sure – go quick and cross fingers that you did not miss anything. 


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