Cars of a feather flock together

A while ago I was parking my car at one of the car parks in a nearby Mall – probably Mall of the Emirates from memory. 


I was intrigued that my car, Yuri the Yaris, was parked amongst the smaller less fuel-guzzling cars and in a nearby aisle was this row of square tanks.  Now bear in mind that the size of each car park space is the same.  A mathematical possibility for sure that this could occur but I think there is something more psychological going on.  Certainly as a small car driver I would prefer to park amongst my own kind than with these behemoths as I am less likely to see my car get scratched, scraped or squashed.   Particularly by those Yellow Hummers you can see in that photo!

Next time you go to a car park, see if this is random or if there is some flocking behaviour occurring!


One Response to “Cars of a feather flock together”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Here in the UK folks seem to just grab the nearest space to the place they want to be.

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