A very pleasant Australian evening!

Last night, I headed off to a dinner party at a couple’s villa who we met through ANZA.  A wonderful night of great Australian company, delicious lamb shanks (probably Australian!), washed down with Australian red wine (Mt Langhi Ghiran from western Victoria).  There was even an Australian dog for me to play with – which Hanna enjoyed as well. 

 Unfortunately, in calling home today I found out that one of my own dogs has jumped the fence (again) during a thunderstorm today and lost her collar in the process.  Hopefully, she will be found by some good people which has happened in the past and they will check her microchip.  (Update:  Dog came home at 5 am – a bit bedraggled but safe – other dog very happy to have his friend back)

Today, I went off to Dubai Creeklands Park by the Dubai Creek for a little wander before it filled up with people and I was treated to a lovely pair of Golden Orioles.  The off to Mushrif National Park which was very hot and another hot wander around the pivot fields for half an hour.  Back home for a swim in the sea at sunset with Peter.

Tomorrow, the boys are off on a road trip to the East coast. 


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