Al Mamzar Park – it’s hot!

Yesterday morning, I decided to reintroduce myself to the Dubai birdlife and visit a park that I have not been to before, Al Mamzar park which is between Dubai and Sharjah – on the beach.  I was a bit delayed leaving with catching up with the fam in Australia on the USB cameras connected to the computer and then coming across an accident on the main Sheikh Zayed road – fairly bad with a semi trailer jack-knifing – no one seemed hurt although one of the street lights was feeling not quite straight!

Got there around 9 am which was around 38 degrees – it seemed to get hotter and hotter and someone last night told me that it got up to 44.5 degrees in the late morning before the sea breeze came in. It was very hot walking around looking for some unusual birds (which I did not find any) and I must admit that after a couple of weeks in Australia, I am finding the heat very hard to take. Also, I have not tried running around or being a bit energetic with still having a cough from the pneumonia. But here are some photos of the area – particularly like the one of the fig tree with the roots coming down looking for water.

Afterwards, headed through to Dubai City Centre – another shopping mall that I had not been to before.  So hot outside and way too cold inside.  Grabbed some lunch, visited a few bookshops and found three books (wilber, one on surprising knowledge, and then black swan) that I would have bought if I did not have so many unread books here.  Must get through those first.  And then, bought a short which I was last night to a BBQ at someone’s place which was very pleasant. And the shirt looked pretty good too!!


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