Rugby Super 14 Final – Nezesaussi Bar

Today, I drove David and Peter to the Nezesaussi Bar at the Al Manzil Hotel to watch the Tahs goes down to the Crusaders.  We got good seats right at the bar and enjoyed the hospitality on offer and the atmosphere of watching the game with about 60 or so interested and enthusiastic others.  Shame about the result but it was a close game and fairly expansive which made for some good rugby.  The first two tries to the Tahs were fantastic but a shame they could not hold the ball at critical times in the breakdown when deep into their attacking 22 in the second half to score the try they needed.

The Nezesaussi stands for NZ, South Africa and Australia – so there were lots of TriNations paraphernalia on the walls.  I think that the Aussies had the wood over the kiwis as far as numbers in the bar was concerned.

This afternoon, I’ve been investigating why Skype Out calls to landlines overseas is not working and it seems that our local internet company has blocked them.  Life in the UAE has just got that bit more difficult as a result as that was my main way of keeping contact with family and friends back in Australia.  Skype to Skype computer calls still work but calling the landline is much easier.  There seems to have been a running battle over the past three or so years between telco companies wanting to maintain their international call revenues and VoIP companies trying to work around the blocks through changing the software.  So it seems that the telcos have one this battle but we will see how the war pans out!


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