Socialising and seeing new places on the Weekend

One of the good things about Dubai is the circle of friends and contacts that I have made.  The last two nights I have gone over to D&J’s for some drinks and to meet up with some different Aussie people who are now making the UAE their home.  The first night we stayed in and last night went out to the Rooftop Bar at the One and Only Royal Mirage before heading on to the Eau Zone for dinner.  The rooftop bar was really great with relatively cheap cocktails and a great view over the Palm Jumeirah.  The night air was not too hot (for me).

Friday morning I headed down to the Dubai Creekside Park in the morning for a wander, a birdwatch and a sweat.  Fortunately, I have brought over from Australia a wide brimmed straw hat so my head felt fine but the combination of the humidity from the wet grass from overnight watering, the baking sun and the lack of wind made it very warm and the sweat just flowed.  A couple of litres of water later, I decided to drive around Bur Dubai and then through the tunnel to Deira – this is the old area of Dubai at the mouth of the creek, far away from air conditioned shopping malls.  It was good to finally see it although I did not visit any of the shops or souks.  Another day – maybe with the fam when they come out.  Did take this nice photo of the Dubai Heritage Centre and the wind towers which are used to draw in cooler air to internal rooms.

Today is the Iraq-Australia return leg and I plan to go – getting tickets is going to be interesting!  Tomorrow’s post will show if I have been successful!  Go Aussies!



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