Australia win the soccer! (and the rugby)

Well it would have been better if we had have won the soccer last week when i went to the Iraq game. But I did get home in time to watch the second half of the Qatar / Australia game being televised on Al Jazeera Sports 1. I thought I would see the match out at a bar to get some atmosphere but all the pubs I tried were playing Euro 2008 (Spain/Sweden game).

When I arrived home and turned the TV on, I could see the score was 1-0 but since the labels for the score were in Arabic, I had no idea who was in front! So onto the Internet and found a live site to see that it was Australia. Some good goals and great to see more attacking football than they played last week. Maybe it had something to do with the structure but also the weather in Dubai is quite cool tonight (it’s got down below 30) which would have helped with the forwards and their running play. In fact, it has been relatively cool (top of 35 or so) for the past three or four days but very windy, particularly yesterday coming back from Abu Dhabi.

So that means that Australia has qualified on top of its group for the next stage – with still a game to go against China at home.

Beforehand, I went to Nezesaussi at Al Manzil Hotel this afternoon to see Australia beat Ireland in the rugby test – some great tries from both sides. The Irish fullback was fantastic with loads of talent. There seemed to be more Irish fans at the pub than Aussies!!

Here are a couple of pictures from the TV – Emerton’s second goal and the Boundary Rider!


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