Humidity is Rising – A Warm Fog

Fog looking west towards JBR Fog looking back to JBR from the beach

I’ve seen that Melbourne has been hit by fog a few times recently, delaying planes and forcing some international flights to be diverted. I remember that chill in the air, the low sun trying to get through as the fog finally clear, particularly out in the eastern suburbs.

So around the same time, we had our own fog here in Dubai. Yes, it is a little cooler but it is also a herald of increasing humidity. I went for a walk and light run along the beach a couple of mornings this week to build up the fitness again after getting sick in Melbourne. (Medical check at the time – no more lingering cough – just a little every now and then, pretty well right at last!). And I even went to the gym this week one evening (my first gym experience for about 15 years!) – it is just too hot to exercise outdoors.

Back to the fog – here are a couple of pickies – it looks great how the low cloud moves around the buildings – and it was nice not to have the morning sun stream into my apartment in the morning for a change.

UPDATE:  I wrote the above a while ago and did not post it.  The weather for the past few days has been quite pleasant – much cooler, but fairly windy – particularly in Abu Dhabi on Friday morning – visibility on the road on the way back was very low at times. 


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