More Dubai Disneyland at Bawadi

Just when I think that this place cannot become any more grandiose, along comes another project.  On Saturday morning, the weather was relatively cool and the wind had not picked up as yet (raised dust) so I decided to head inland a way to near Bab Al Shams. 

Along the way, past Arabian Ranches (a plush residential suburb out in inland area), I came across the Bawadi developments.  Apparently, they are creating an enormous hotel complex themed according to 6 various areas (Wild West, Asia, Europe, Latino, etc).  Out there they have this enormous cudboard cut-out of the theme on the side of the road (about 50-60 metres wide).  Just to show you what it will look like when finished in a few years time.  This will be all part of the Dubailand experience – where people can stay and whoop it up (especially if they are in the Wild West part) before heading off to Dubailand for rides and additional entertainment.  Of course, one of the hotels is planned to be the biggest in the world (note not the tallest, just the biggest in numbers of people staying there).

And also on the way, they’ve built the road and the roundabouts, but the turnoff just ends in a sand dune – awaiting development of the various hotels.

I asked someone at work the other day when will all this stop, and they said that they have been asking that same question for the past 5 years but it just keeps going on and on!!


One Response to “More Dubai Disneyland at Bawadi”

  1. Gautam Says:

    I guess it will turn out all fine onces its OVER! Think the construction and development will go on for another 5 years.

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