My First Dubai Nightclub

Another weekend and I ticked off another lifer and Dubai experiences.  Headed west on Friday morning to Ghantoot to see if I could spot some birds at the Polo Club.  Managed to see some Greater Grey Shrikes and Little Bee-eaters looking very hot in the desert areas.  Did get to see some Coursers but they were about 150 metres away – thankfully I had the scope.

Helped out D in the afternoon with getting her Internet communications working properly before heading off for a birthday party at the Madinat.  Arrived a tad late for T’s birthday party at The Agency (only 3 hours!) and we later headed over to Jambase next door to see a live band, have a couple of beers and maybe do some dancing.  This was my first Dubai nightclub experience and well – it was about the same as all other nightclubs; loud music, a packed dance floor, boozy clientele and lots of people checking each other out.  Unfortunately, it was way too smoky for my liking – they don’t have the no smoking indoors as yet.  The smoke was just as bad at the Sportsman Bar at the Hilton that I went to the night before to see Germany beat Portugal (unfortunate result but great game with high skills throughout).

JamBase at Madinat Jumeirah


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