The Family will find it Hot!!

My period of irresponsibility and waywardness as a Dubai bachelor is about to come to a brief hiatus.  Lyn and the kids will be arriving this week to holiday over the school term break.  I’ll be taking some time off to go with them to visit Egypt for 6 days.

I’m sure that they will enjoy various parts of Dubai.  But unfortunately, the news from the Met Office is not what they want to hear.  We’ve had a respite from the really hot weather for the past couple of weeks with relatively balmy temperatures at a maximum of around 39 to 40 due to a strong wind known as the Shamal whipping up the dust from Sauid Arabia and Iran and leaving very hazy skies here with low visibility (down around 800 metres).  The dust is very fine and you don’t feel gritty or dirty. That dust and haze blocks the sun and lowers the environment to relatively manageable temperatures.  I went for a swim in the sea yesterday as the sun set (or would have set if I could see it through the haze) and the water was actually quite pleasant – not quite a Japanese bathhouse temperature!!  I took some photos of the very low visibility on the road to Abu Dhabi a week ago (which I left early because it was too windy and dusty!) but they are on my camera and I am having trouble connecting it to the USB port on the computer.  All the photos to date on this site have been taken with a mobile phone camera.

Today’s local rag says that temperatures are set to soar as visibility improves (which it already is doing).  The dust will lift and temperatures will rise to up to 47 degrees.  So sorry family, looks like lots of indoor activities over the next few days – but at least you will get to “see” the place.


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