The Family in Dubai – Part 1

It’s been a wonderful few days showing the family the sights of Dubai.

They flew in very early Wednesday morning (3 am) and we went straight to the apartment to try and get some sleep before the sun came up. The kids had trouble – it was 9 am their time – but the adults went to sleep OK!
Wednesday and Thursday are work days. I joined Albert and David in a local cafe at JBR with the family for breakfast on the first day. After, we headed back home and I left the crew to look after themselves with directions to the pool (up) and to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall (cab). Eventually caught up with them in the shopping mall after work for dinner after I had done a bit of shopping for work for the next day.

Thursday they stayed on the shopping theme with a trip to Mall of the Emirates to see a movie and to generally ogle at the place. Finding them was much easier this time and we came home for a lovely home cooked meal.

Went quad bike riding and to Fujeirah on the day off on Friday to show them out of Dubai. Tim found the biking in the desert a bit hot and flaked it before his half hour had finished. It gets pretty hot out there on the baking sand with a helmet and sitting on top of a bike that is emitting lots of engine heat. We headed out to a dinner party on Friday night which was great to show them what a real Dubai villa looked like (rather than an apartment).

Saturday we spent going to the Jumeirah Mosque in the morning for a really interesting presentation on Islamic faith before heading on to Wafi City for more bling and back to a friend’s house in Jumeirah 1 for a chat and then a swim at the beach before heading home for delivered pizza beside the roof top pool.

Sunday I was back at work and the family had a cruisy morning watching a movie on the TV, spending time at the pool before heading through to Al Qasr to be gobsmacked and then heading next door to Madinat Jumeirah. I caught up with them by leaving work early and we did Wild Wadi (I was the only one game and stupid enough to try the thrill ride that goes a million miles an hour). I forgot to cross my legs which meant that the crown jewels took a pummelling but the kids really enjoyed the other water slides – mostly featuring jets that take you up the slide while you are sitting on a rubber ring. So Dubai – why walk up stairs when you can get the water to take you up!

Today, they are off on the Dubai Big Bus Tour seeing some sights along the creek and I will pick them up over there later tonight after work. Just found out that they are at the Burjuman so better head off to pick them up before they max out the credit card.


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