Naismiths in Cairo

All going well here – this will be the shortest post ever!

Arrived fine by plane to Alexandria – paid too much for taxis to the main train station – then train through to Cairo – great to have a sea breeze off the Mediterranean (a lovely 27 degrees), and to see the green fields of the Nile delta as we went by train.

Cairo – we are staying at a great place out near the pyramids – an intercontinental hotel.  Very nice with a huge pool (where the kids are now).  First day on camels to the pyramids which was great.  Second day (today) to Egyptian Museum to see the mummies (Lyn and Hannah piked), Tutenkhamnen, and all the others and get our first dose of Pharoah fatigue.

Impressions of Cairo – driving is hair-raising.  Why have three lanes of traffic when you can fit in four?  If you are in front you have right of way to cut someone off.  And honk your horn for no apparent reason but just because everyone else is…

Tonight off on the overnight sleeper train to Luxor (about 3 hours time).  In the meantime, have to get to the pool and rescue the kids.

Photos to come (and there are some great ones too!!) when we get back to Dubai on Tuesday.


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