The Naismith Family in Luxor

Well now we are back in the Dubai apartment after flying in this morning from Luxor to Sharjah. First impressions of coming back was coming out of the airport to see a line of locals and no-one hassled us to see if we wanted to buy something or hire some transport.

The overnight train ride from Cairo was very good – some nice food for dinner, relatively comfortable beds although a bit short for me, and we arrived an hour late so we got some more sleep than we thought. Tim loved the train – he thought it was like the Hogwarts train!

Someone from our hotel (the Phillipe) picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel. Left our bags there and walked down to Luxor Temple to have a look around – really good and interesting and not too hot. Headed back through the souk market and proceeded to get quite lost – did not get back till the middle of the day – we did not know we were going to be out that long. Did not like the Phillipe rooms (very dark, internal with no view and bad chi) so ended up moving into the Mercure next door which had a lovely pool. Cost three times as much but oh well. Took it easy that night.

Next day caught a tour through to the West Bank tombs and temples in a mini bus and visited a number of tombs in the Valley of the Kings, looked at how they make the rock carvings of various totems and bowls where Lyn bought a nice alabaster lamp/vase, then off to Queen Hatshepsut’s temple followed by Medinat Habu. Great to see all that through an organised tour. Another relaxing afternoon/evening where I wnjoyed watching the Wimbledon tennis into the evening – Go Nadel!

Next morning we took a horse and buggy ride down to Karnak Temple where we met a great tour guide on the way in. He offered us his services for an hour and we ended up taking nearly 2 hours of his time! He is an egyptologist studying and helping out with the various diggings. Great to have our very own tour guide who was very learned and could answer our questions. Tim even said he wished he had a notebook to write some of the things down! At the end, we mentioned that Lyn was thinking of leading spiritual tours to Egypt and he said that he helps with a few others who do the same thing so we swapped details for a possible future tour of Lyn’s. I am constantly amazed how she can manifest these things!

Took a cab back, had some lunch (more pizza!) by the pool and a swim. Lyn and I headed off to Luxor Museum then back before heading out again without kids for some last minute shopping and then off to the Sound and Light show at karnak temple. Just as kitsch as at Giza – so many words with so little meaning. But it was worth it just to be able to walk around the temple at night – pity about the 200 other people who were there.

Back for some sleep (only one room so we all shared beds) before a 1 am wake up and off to the airport in a cab for the overnight flight to Sharjah to face the peak hour traffic!!

Photos to be uploaded later!!!


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