Australian Sporting Highlights

Been a big weekend for sporting highlights.

I am fortunate to be able to get the coverage of the Tour de France on the TV Channel Dubai Sports coming through into my living room.  The timing is much better than in Australia – getting home after 6 pm to watch the last hour and half or so of each day’s race.  It’s been great to watch Cadel wearing the yellow jersey and although it was sad to seehim just lose it today, to see his fellow Australian Simon Gerrans win the stage race on the mountain climb was fantastic – the elation that he felt crossing the line was tremendous, especially so when he was nearly left behind in the early stages of the climb.

And yesterday, went off to Nezesaussi to watch Australia have an upset win over the South Africans.  Even better since the Australians were outnumbered in the bar!  Always thought that the springboks were going to come back but they just could not score that try – especially in the first half when they had the better of the opportunities.  Had one too many sherbets to celebrate afterwards at the Barasti.  And going to do it again next week (perhaps without the one too many) as we play the All Blacks. 

I was going to head out tonight to see how Greg Norman went but I checked on the Web and noticed that he had blown up in the final round after an excellent effort for an old bloke in the previous 3 rounds.


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