Another busy week for Luke

Six days since the last post – well what have I been doing?  And is that a normal sort of week for Luke in Dubai?

Sunday was heading home to watch Cadel at the Tour de France after work – it’s perfect timing and really looking forward to seeing the time trial tonight.  Go Cadel!!  The telecast is fantastic – we receive the Australian one here on Dubai Sports with Phil Leggett which is so wonderful to be able to watch sport in English.

Monday was the regular whacking of golf balls with Doris.  Some of the balls that night had imaginary faces painted on them which made hitting them all the more fun!  By the end of the evening I had calmed down a bit and the balls were sailing off the club nicely.  But it was so hot and clammy that night, that both of us were saturated with sweat.  But a lot of fun nevertheless!

Tuesday was a quiet night in and Wednesday was a function at Wolfi’s Bike Shop to watch the climb up L’Alpe d’Huez which was great to watch the Tour de France with lots of others.  Good atmosphere there!  Shame that Cadel lost so much time to Sastre but we’ll see what happens tonight!  I am thinking of buying a road bike here and going out with the crew here some evenings for some riding in a group.  Dropped in to Mall of the Emirates on the way back to buy some gear for work.

Thursday evening I stayed back late at work finishing off the board presentation and had a quiet evening at home after finishing off the Thai takeaway from a couple of nights ago.

Friday morning , I headed off on a birdwatch to the east coast.  Visited the Hajar Mountains to look for some pools and a dam (which I did not find) and then off to the Dairy Farm at Dibba which was great – saw all three types of Bee Eaters, a lovely European Roller (first one for the trip) and a few Kestrels.  The weather was quite pleasant – although it would have been about 38 or 39 with a full sun, there was a relatively pleasant north-easterly breeze coming off the water not that far away.  Sweat levels were only 7.5 out of 10 rather than 9 out of 10. 

The green grass of the dairy farm with the Oman hills in the background

The green grass of the dairy farm with the Oman hills in the background

Then headed back to Dubai to meet up with an Iranian futurist that I had emailed and we chatted at Wafi’s for three or four hours.  Really nice to have a futures conversation with someone who “gets it”!  Then back home and out to a nearby pub to catch up with a couple of people coming out from a Friday brunch (I was noticeably sober!). 

And today, off to an Aussie pub on the Palm to watch the Tri-Nations this afternoon and then Cadel afterwards.

Is that a typical week?  Well a bit more sport than usual, maybe a little less birding, perhaps need to do a bit more exercise, but socialising is about usual!!


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