Go the Wallabies – from Palm Jumeirah

On Saturday for the first time since I arrived in March, I ventured out on to the new Palm Jumeirah.  This is one of the three fan-shaped islands that they are building off the coast of Dubai and the first one to be populated.  While much of it is still being built – particularly the outer reaches, the area along the trunk closer to the mainland is full of shoreline apartments.  We headed there to an Aussie Bar called Bidi Bondi to watch the Tri-Nations.

Now a couple of things, Aussie bars are meant to serve at least one variety of Aussie beer on tap and also, it does not call one of its side-rooms Budweiser Boulevard.  But nevertheless, the decor was fine, the beer cold, and the view out the window to the swimming pool helped distract us at half-time (Luke even managed some birdwatching with a Cormorant flying past much to the amusement of the ladies who thought he was watching the other birds).

And of course, Australia gave the AB’s a proverbial shellacking.  Sitting nicely on top of the table now with a hard game this week against the All Blacks in Auckland. 

The general impression of the Palm was that people would like to live out there – if you have a sea-side facing unit, it is meant to be fantastic.  But ridiculously expensive – even for Dubai standards. 

I came back to watch the time trial of the Tour de France to cheer on Cadel only to find that Dubai Sports went over to the Ascot horse races in England and I missed the whole lot.  Ended up listening to it on a Eurosports radio channel on the laptop.  AARGGGHHH!  Shame that Cadel did not have the legs on the final day but a great performance again.


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