Red Wine on the Weekend

Just a quick post to let people know that things are still going smoothly over here.

Out on Thursday night (equivalent to drinks after work on a Friday night at the end of the working week) to a Wine Bar at the newly opened Westin Hotel.  Weather was not too hot so decided to get a lift to work that day and walked from work to the Hotel – only about 20 minutes and did not have that much of a sweat up by the time I got there.  Very nice to celebrate birthdays of friends here.   The wine was very nice as well, but one should expect that paying 500 dirham (about $150 a bottle).  May post some photos later once people with cameras send them through.

Friday was a quiet day (not self-inflicted) with a bit of reading (thoroughly enjoying theory U by Otto Scharmer) before a meditation on Skype with Lyn and her friends back in Melbourne and then watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Headed out that night to a friend’s place for pre-dinner drinks before dinner at the Madinat – outside and still not so warm (only about 36 or so – fairly pleasant).  More red wine that was a lot less expensive!

Saturday morning fairly quiet – bit of a swim and sunbake reading up at the pool on the roof.  Headed out in the afternoon for a little birdwatch at the nearby (half hour drive) Dubai Pivot Fields and Ras Al Khor sanctuary.  My first Green Sandpiper anywhere – something I have been looking for a long time – great views as well with a nearby Wood Sandpiper so great to see the differences.  Along with the Glossy Ibis, that makes 124 species here.  Unfortunately, was not watching where I was going well enough (too much sweat in the eyes) and stuck my foot in a sprinkler wheel rut – went slightly over on my ankle but not too bad – no swelling but just a little sore.  Lots of waders at Ras Al Khor on their southward migration after breeding – lovely summer plumage still.  Nice to get into nature – even if the fields are watered from the outflow from the sewage plant.

Weather quite OK at the moment – not too hot during the day (low 40s) and relatively clear.  Good visibility – could see 30 km or so – not as clear as in March but best for a long time with lower humidity with south-easterly winds in the morning.


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