Sprinklers at the Pivot Fields

I’ve mentioned the Dubai Pivot Fields a few times as one of the better birding spots around Dubai.  It uses what is known as centre-pivot irrigation where the field is irrigated in a circle by sprinklers rotating around a central point.  When we flew to Egypt, you could see out the window a whole lot of these irrigated circles of green amongst the arid surrounds.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled over one of the big ruts created and slightly twisted my ankle.  No problems yesterday.  And a nice Collared Pratincole was in one of the fields as well.  Unfortunately, some of the flooding that had attracted a lot of birds a couple of weeks ago had dried up.  But still, nice to get out in the middle of the day and look around.  Not too hot – only about 43 with a slight breeze. 



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