My New Sandals

The old trusty leather sandals that I brought over have been worn heaps over here but after many years of wear, the stitching is coming undone and they are not really wearable while birding or fixable.  I thought I would buy a new pair.  My requirements were simple I thought – Good cover on top to protect against sunburn, velcro straps and firly sturdy.  And of course, they had to be Euro size 46.  Forget about the supermarkets, nothing to fit my size.  After a good look around, I ended up with a cheaper pair of rubbery type sandals that fitted comfortably.

I was wondering if the top of the sandals was going to be sufficient to protect me from the sunburn.  In the past, I have been severely sunburnt on the tops of my feet a couple of times.  So I was wondering how these sandals would stack up.  Below is a photo of my feet at the end of the day – I think that clearly shows that the cover over the top is not required so long as there is sufficient dirt!

East Coast dirt - sign of a good day

East Coast dirt - sign of a good day


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