A Wafi Experience with Aussie visitors

When I first came out here to Dubai, I was thinking that I would get a few more visitors coming through from Australia.  Things have been a bit lean on that front so it was great to catch up with Suz’s brother Jase and wife and daughter on Wednesday evening.  They were en route to Cyprus and stopping over for a couple of days.  They wanted to go out and see something a bit different and a bit more local.

Jase had been here before and he thought somewhere down by the Creek would be good – like Deira.  Problem was the traffic at 7 pm at night heading into town is diabolical.  Decided instead to head to Wafi which has a great selection of shops and restaurants, particularly in their recently opened Khan Murjan area.  When we eventually got there (took about 75 minutes what should take 25), we headed down to the restaurants and enjoyed a sumptuous meal of chicken couscous and fish.  Jase and family loved the place which was great to see.

I had previously been there a couple of times and Lyn and the kids really enjoyed it too.  But this time, I was surprised to find that I had missed a whole arm of the main shopping mall – including this yet another amazing pyramid shaped feature (different to the one in the main area called The Eye of Horus). 


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