Ski Dubai at Last

One of the main landmarks around here is Ski Dubai which looms out the back of the Mall of the Emirates.  It is one of the largest indoor ski runs in the world and most amazingly, it is located in one of the hottest and driest places in the world.  Nearly 6 months here, and I had walked past it on a number of occasions, had dinner beside it, but never been inside.  When a friend of mine stated that she wanted to have a look (she had never felt snow before), I agreed to escort her.

For a princely sum of around $50 (cheaper than normal as they have a discount during Ramadan), we got decked up in provided jacket and pants, ski boots and skis and a pass to the ski runs that lasts 2 hours.  Plus as well, we had a lesson.  My friend had a discovery lesson for first-timers while I thought I was about Level 1.  My previous experience consists of one downhill venture and about 5 or 6 times of cross-country.  But not much of those in the past few years so I was a bit raw.

It became clear that I was more a beginner than a Level 1.  Fortunately, our class size only consisted of myself and one other so we were able to get quite dedicated guidance.  By the end, I was going much better, getting my weight distributed better and turning far more easily.  I had a bit of rhythm and I was starting to relax.  Afterwards, I wondered why I have never had a lesson before, it makes it so much easier to be told to do it a particular way! 

It was amazing to feel the cold air again – our instructor said that it was about -5 inside and I was blowing steam!  But surprisingly, I did not feel too cold, probably because I was working too hard with skiing all wrong.  The air was crisp and clean but there was no wind like normal outdoor skifields!  And I did not ski fast enough to get a breeze on my face. 

We’ve decided to go again next week to build up some improved skills.  The freezing cold Dubai winter is approaching and we best get ready.

Getting dressed in the Ski Dubai uniform

Getting dressed in the Ski Dubai uniform

On the Slope

On the Slope

Getting rid to head down the Easy Run

Getting rid to head down the Easy Run

Looking down the Easy Run

Looking down the Easy Run


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