Soccer in front of the telly

Tonight, I headed around to a friend’s place who has a far beeter range of sport channels through her cable TV package.  We were wondering if the Uzbekistan – Australia World Cup qualifying match will be telecast.  After going through six or seven different channels, we came across it right on kick-off time.

We hooped and hollered when Scott Chipperfield headed home the only goal of the game in the 27th minute and shaked our heads in dismay when Mark Bresciano shot wide with only the keeper to beat right before half time.  The last 30 minutes were quite painful to watch as Australia played defensively to retain their lead.  But a win is a win – and an away win against probably the third ranked side in the group is a great win.

The only downside to the game was having to listed to the Arabic commentator (why do they have to feel like they need to shout all game) who we did manage to drown out when the goal was scored.  We are contemplating heading over to Bahrain in late November to watch the Socceroos play there!

Now for Australia to win the rugby on the weekend – that would be fantastic.

Snap of the TV showing Australia up 1-0

Snap of the TV showing Australia up 1-0


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