Hot, Humid and Sweaty

The last two days have been pretty terrible weather wise.  Very warm – touching 40 – but with high humidity.  As the water temperature in the gulf goes up (it would be nudging mid-30’s now), the sea breezes pick up the evaporation which increases the humidity over Dubai.  Last night, while out hitting golf balls on the range, the first 10 minutes felt fine as the sea breeze made it feel quite pleasant.  But once the wind died down, the humidity started falling and a heavy dew set in which was rather unpleasant at 35 degrees.  The golfers were all saturated in sweat.  Although I changed my shirt while having a meal afterwards – the second one became just as wet in the end! 

What was interesting about the humidity over the last two days is not just the fog in the morning but that all the windows have massive amounts of condensation on them – even these ones at the entrance to work. 


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