The Sun Still Does Not Hit the Water!

One of the things that I like is watching the sun set to signify the end of the day.  Here in Dubai it is quite noticeable that the days are getting shorter and the weather is now much cooler.  There have been many occasions over the past few months when I have gone down to the beach near here at the Marina and watch the sunset. 

With the clearer skies of late and less humidity, I thought that maybe the sun might actually get to touch the water as it sets over the Gulf of Arabia.  But alas, it still fades from view rather than dissolve into the water like back in Australia.  Here as the sun gets close to the horizon, it slowly loses shine and then fades completely into the dust layer.  What you are left with is this glow above the horizon where the sun used to be as the daytime ends.

And you can see how busy this open beach (not owned by a hotel) becomes on the weekend with so may people enjoying the balmy weather.


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