It’s a Sign!

One of the things I believe in is looking out for signs.  Not those things on the side of the road (well I do look out for them as well to help me where I am going) but those signals which may help you in pointing to a particular direction in life.  It comes down to synchronicity – those meaningful coincidences that pop up unexpectedly. 

When I was first looking to come out to Dubai and in contract discussions, I was hungry at work and while walking back from a meeting popped in to Dimmeys as they often had cheap foodstuffs.  I spied a packet of biscuits and thought, yep, that will do nicely for an afternoon snack.  Later at work, I looked on the back of the packet of Date Biscuits and discovered they were made in the United Arab Emirates.  The first time I had ever seen imported food from the UAE (there is not much made locally here either!).  I took that as an important sign that I was meant to come over to Dubai.

Other people I have spoken to over here have made similar comments.  They looked out the window and saw an Emirates Airlines sign that they had not noticed before.  Things similar to that.

And so, I laughed when I saw this article in The Age today.  What was Colonial Stadium and then Telstra Dome will now be Etihad Stadium.  Etihad is the airline for Abu Dhabi and this may be a sign pointing in that direction. They will soon be offering direct flights to Melbourne – a bit late for me.  Or it may be a sign that I needed to tell someone else about (you know who it is!).


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