A Busy Birding, Birthday and Bledisloe Brunch Weekend

For my third last weekend here in Dubai, it was fun-filled.  On Friday morning, up early to meet up with a fellow KM birdwatcher, Neill Allan, who was over working for a couple of days from the UK.  We headed off to Masafi Wadi, then the Dibba Dairy Farm, up to the north coast to see the northern beaches but the tide was too high (meaning that the birds were way out on the spit 800 metres away), and then back through Ras Al Khor.  Highlights were White Storks at the dairy farm (my first wild storks!), lots of snipe, heaps of waders, and of course the wonderful conversation with Neill while driving around.  It was great to travel with someone!

After dropping Neill off at the airport, headed down to Mirdif to catch up with Jude, a friend of Nerida.  A nice quiet hour spent at their place.  Then off to Raymi’s 50th birthday party at the Montgomery Golf Academy.  He arrived by camel which was wonderful to see.  I needed to buy a black bow tie for the occasion!  Beautiful weather now. 

Camel at the Golf Academy

Camel at the Golf Academy

Then today was up for the Bledisloe Brunch at the Westin, organised by Kiwis.  Some great stories by two fantastic sportsmen, Dick Taylor (winner of 1974 Commonwealth Games 10,000 metres), and Colin Meads (one of NZ’s best ever rugby players).  Lots of really good jokes and anecdotes.  The game in Hong Kong was marred by the slipping surface but entertaining and close.  Typical result with the All Blacks lucky to win and Australian not finding a way home in the second half.  At least, I had a great time singing the national anthem before the game with Tracey and Francoise – lots of emotion there!

Bledisloe Brunch

Bledisloe Brunch


2 Responses to “A Busy Birding, Birthday and Bledisloe Brunch Weekend”

  1. Nerida Hart Says:

    So glad you finally caught up with Jude – now did she have you drinking champagne?

  2. Luke Naismith Says:

    Not at all – I was driving and with the zero tolerance here (get caught, get deported) – I was not going to run the risk.

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