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An explosive morning

March 26, 2008

Woke up to the clearest morning yet since I have arrived in Dubai.  Good visibility right down Sheik Zayed Road and I worked out that I can just see the top bit of the Burj (tallest building in the world) poking up from a building in the foreground plus as well fairly good views of the Burj Al Arab (the 7 star hotel with the round helipad).  You can make out the latter hotel on the left hand side of this photo.
A clear morning
Decided to celebrate with a beautiful run along the beach.  Lyn would have loved to have done Qi Gong down there this morning – clear and fresh – but hardly anyone swimming! 
Came back and the view had changed a bit.  About 7.30 this morning there was an explosion in a factory in the industrial area about 10 km away.  My photo is not nearly as good as the ones in the Gulf News.  Apparently, people had been storing illegal fireworks in a toy factory. 
explosion in al quoz


Home is where the TV and Internet is on

March 25, 2008

Been a couple of days since I posted so I thought I had better put something to paper (oops keyboard).  I am now sitting on the couch in my apartment with the laptop on my lap with the Internet connected.  And what’s more, cable TV is back on as well although the channels remain as they previously were with the 120 non-English channels and about 30 ones that I can understand.  Even so, there is not much choice and there are hardly any sports channels – one Dubai sports and a couple of AlJazeera sport channels don’t really count.  Might need to buy a router so that I can have both going at the same time the Internet connection does both).

Tonight I went to the Mall of the Emirates where I parked under the ski slope.

Just to be able to have dinner, buy some bread and maybe find a Spinneys (local Supermarket chain) as David found a Field Guide to the Birds of Arabia there.  OK with the first couple, no luck with the Spinneys.  Tomorrow maybe.

Celebrations today that the work on Kiva has finally completed!  Now to start paying it off!

Plans for the weekend is to go bush on the Friday (I’ve bought some maps so it will be harder to get lost!) and then to the Dubai World Cup horse racing on Saturday.